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Walk in Style: Our Unique Designs for You and Your Pooch

Hello paw-some pet parents! 🌟 We know your fur baby deserves the best, and that's why we're excited to introduce our new AMBER Dog Walking Set that pairs fashion with function. This set will make every walk feel like a runway show!

Picture this: You and your pup, turning heads with our chic leather dog leash, matching dog collar, and stylish accessories. Ready to upgrade your walking game? Let's take a closer look!

The Ultimate Dog Walking Set

1. Unique Dog Leash with Acetate Handle

Our dog leash is a standout piece. Made from premium leather and equipped with an acetate handle, this leash provides comfort and style in one neat package. Check out the stunning design here.

2. Matching Dog Collar

Complete the look with our leather dog collar that perfectly complements the leash. It’s durable, comfortable, and stylish—just what every trendy pup needs. See it for yourself here.

Fashionable and Functional Accessories

3. Triangular Shape Poop Bag

Who says cleanup can’t be chic? Our triangular shape poop bag holder is designed to match your dog’s leash and collar, making it as fashionable as it is functional. Find out more here.

4. Heart Shape Matching Bag Charm

Add a touch of love to your look with our heart-shaped bag charm. Attach it to your purse, keys, or even the leash, and showcase your bond with your furry friend. Check it out here.

Elevate the Look with our Vellure Trench Coat

We recommend pairing this set with our best-selling Vellure Trench Coat for the ultimate stylish ensemble. Your walks have never looked so good! Discover the Vellure Trench Coat here.

Enjoy More Quality Time with Your Dog

Not only does our dog walking set make life easier, but it also enhances those special moments with your pet. From casual strolls to fun days at the dog park, this set is designed to keep your pet close and safe while looking fabulous.


Happy tail-wagging adventures await!

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