Discover the Match-Made-in-Heaven Doggy Duo - BONDIR

Discover the Match-Made-in-Heaven Doggy Duo


As spring approaches, it's not just your wardrobe that needs a seasonal update but also that of your furry companions. At BONDIR, we understand this well, which is why we’re thrilled to showcase our Vellure Trench Coat and Vellure Dog Overalls — Discover the Ultimate in Canine Luxury and Style. Styled in the finest 100% herringbone wool tweed and accentuated with vegan leather details, these items deliver not only comfort but a runway-ready appearance that catches eyes.

Why Choose BONDIR's Vellure Line?

  • Luxurious Materials: Crafted from 100% herringbone wool tweed for unrivalled quality.
  • Ethical Fashion: Featuring vegan leather, aligning with modern sustainable fashion standards.
  • Bespoke Fit: Available in various sizes and adjustable fittings to suit all dog breeds and sizes (from poodles to schnauzers to weimaraners) 

Harmoniously Stylish: The Vellure Trench and Overall Ensemble

Finley & Fennec (@silkyadventurepups)

Explore the charm of our Vellure Trench Coat paired with the Vellure Overalls. Each item is a statement on its own but together, they create a "same same but different" vibe that's undeniably chic. It's the perfect look for pets who are as much a part of the family fashion statement as anyone else.

A Spectacle of Style in Every Snapshot

Flip through our vibrant gallery showcasing customers and their stylish pups in these matching outfits. From bustling city walks to serene park strolls, every photo captures the essence of pet fashion sophistication. 

Witness a diverse array of breeds donned in the Vellure set, showcasing their individual yet harmonious style. This visual testament to versatility demonstrates that whether they are small lap dogs or majestic large breeds, any dog can look fabulous in our expertly crafted apparel.

Step Out in Matched Perfection

Bid farewell to mismatched or uninspired dog attire. Embrace the trend of coordinated pet ensembles with the Vellure Trench Coat and Dog Overalls. Transform your pet’s spring walks into a fashion-forward experience and let them show off their style duo with grace and sophistication.

Visit BONDIR now to explore more about this chic matching set and start your spring with a style that speaks volumes about your love for high fashion and high comfort for your beloved pets. 

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