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Step Out in Style with the Chic Moonstone Leather Walking Set

Hi stylish pawrents,

Are you looking to elevate your four-legged friend's fashion game? Look no further! We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our Manhattan Leather Collection – the Moonstone Leather Dog Walking Set. Offering unparalleled unique sophistication, this set includes the Moonstone leather dog leash, leather dog collar, Slim Leather Collar and Poop Bag Holderall designed to ensure that your pup looks just as stylish as you do.

Why Choose the Moonstone Set?

Perfect Harmony in Design

The elegantly understated GREY ON GREY colour combo of the Moonstone set ensures that your dog stands out in the most sophisticated way possible. Crafted with luxury in mind, each piece boasts high-quality leather that promises both style and durability.

Luxury Meets Functionality

  • Leather Dog Leash: Designed for both aesthetics and function, the leash features a durable calfskin leather strap with adjustable length, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip during your walks.
  • Leather Dog Collar: We offer both Slim and Regular (wide) Collars! Our chic collars not only adds a touch of elegance but is also made to stand the test of time, embracing both form and functionality. Both collar designs are reversible! 
  • Leather Poop Bag Holder: Who says practicality can't be stylish? This elegant triangular shape holder means you're prepared for every outing without compromising on style.

Make Your Walks Unforgettable

Transform your daily dog walks into a runway strut with the Moonstone Walking Set. Whether you’re heading to a café or cruising the city streets, your pet will capture hearts with their impeccable style.

Receive a FREE matching mirror with every leash and collar set purchase!

Purchase the complete set today and walk into the spotlight together! Ready to step out in style? Visit our pages now for the Moonstone Leather Dog Leash, Leather Collar, Slim Leather Collar and Poop Bag Holder, and embrace the luxury your cherished companion deserves.

Xoxo Till next time

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