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Finley & Fennec
“All sighthound overalls seem to only come in iggy sizes so I was so excited to get some that fit my girl. The details are perfect. Love everything about these.”
Punya & Tip

Stylish Products! Great Customer Service. I purchased six items. All beautiful. My customer rep was great in helping me pick the correct sizes. Love. Love. Love this brand.
“I am very impressed with the quality of the fabric and design. Everything is nicely finished and came well packaged! I will definitely be ordering more items.”
“The fabric is water resistant makes it perfect for hiking or just outdoor activities in general. I'm really happy with the leather detailing, it gives the jacket a stylish yet functional vibe.”
Slim Amber Dog Leather Collar by BONDIR
Amber Leather Collar - BONDIR
Slim Blushwood Leather Collar - BONDIR
Obsidian Initial Tag - BONDIR
Verdant Initial Tag - BONDIR
Puzzle Initial Tag - BONDIR
Thistle Haze Initial Tag - BONDIR
Fuchsia Initial Tag - BONDIR
Noir Frost Sweater - BONDIR
Le Jane Sweater - BONDIR
New York Onesie - BONDIR
Odysseus Sweater - BONDIR
Maeve Sweater - BONDIR